The Making of World Leaders

We are pleased to welcome you to our school. Chosen Royals Montessori Ltd is here to provide parents the peace of mind they require when it comes to the education of your most precious children. We know your children represents your most important asset and legacy and that is why we are going to every possible length to provide the climate for safety and effective learning.

We will like to invite you to visit our facilities to ascertain for yourself our unflinching desire to provide a safe environment. We promise and will endeavor to provide the safe and best systems for the holistic education for our children. Our teachers and staff are hired based on strict adherence to safety and professional protocols. Our promise for safety is the reason why the contact numbers of the Executive Directors, Chairman and Head teacher have been provided at all available touchpoints so that your concerns are promptly addressed.

Chosen Royals Montessori Ltd it not just a School, it’s a new family where parents, teachers, school owners and the children bond to focus on developing future leaders and Global citizens for our nation and beyond.

Our facilities are designed with the utmost safety mindset;

  • Anti-Skid Floors
  • Safe & colorful Playground
  • Professional & Experienced Swimming Coaches
  • Child Friendly and colorful classrooms
  • Reading Rooms
  • Clean and hygienic washrooms
  • A CCTV Camera for monitoring of classrooms and compound
  • Air condition and ceiling fans for Climate regulation
  • Stringent Security
  • *A Nurse and sick bay for isolation and first aid
  • *A signed agreement with a Penal Clinic for emergency services
  • *A Digital Library
  • *ICT Lab

NOTE: Those with (*) will be provided in due course.

Our Philosophy

We don’t Leave any child behind. We believe that every challenge has a solution and so every child will be met with understanding and resources available to help the child have a holistic development.

Our Vision

Produce confident world leaders and problem solvers that will engender a world of peace and sustainability.

Our Mission

To enhance the development of the whole child using a comprehensive Montessori Education, developing their Creativity, Compassion and Courage in order for them to be functional and relevant in an ever-changing World.

Our Core Values


These are specific elements that is dear to our hearts and what has become our guiding principle.

  • Health & Safety: We want you to have the peace of mind when you leave your children with us.
  • Total Child Care: The child must be developed totally. Not just academic excellence.
  • Leadership in Society: That our Children should function to bring change to their community through positive influence even at an early age.
  • Good Management: A strong board is in place to ensure continuity, good decision-making and the protection of the child and parent’s investments.
  • Academic Performance: We are surely positioning ourselves for excellence in Academics.